Students in this country have free or discounted transportation, the Netherlands is a country of bicycles and has a very clean climate, as well as an advanced country in the field of education.

It is very good at issuing visas and student residence permits, and it provides a lot of capital for the Netherlands.

A Dutch student visa will result in a temporary and then permanent residence card.

Dutch student visas are also issued at the school level. Students can apply for a student visa if they have a good grade point average and are admitted to the school.

In the Netherlands, education is compulsory for children aged 5-16, however, most children start their education at the age of 4. 1 varies for 4-year-olds to 8-year-olds (12-year-olds).

Dutch high schools are divided into three stages: one is the preparation of students for vocational education, the second is the preparation of students for university, and the third is the preparation of students for study at universities of applied sciences.

The student visa applicant can study at the undergraduate level, which usually lasts 3 years, from various disciplines of Dutch universities such as humanities and social sciences, economics, language and culture, engineering, political science and so on.

The content of the courses is different, in all undergraduate courses, applicants must take a course in research methods and dissertation.

The focus of Dutch student visa application programs is not on providing the skills needed for a job in a particular field. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can enroll in a master’s degree or start working in their field of study.

Postgraduate courses are usually one year and require IELTS 6.5, the Netherlands has a historically advanced education system, Dutch universities have a master’s degree in all major disciplines, but disciplines such as engineering, economics and business administration are very popular with applicants.

A Dutch study visa for a doctorate means spending at least 4 years doing basic research and writing a dissertation. During this time, students at this level find a supervisor and work under his supervision.

Applicants for doctoral studies must have a minimum IELTS of 6.5. Students at this level usually conduct research in colleges or research centers.

This course has a lot of fans. After the confirmation of the dissertation, the student participates in his / her research defense session and after that he / she is awarded a doctorate degree.

The Dutch Scholarship varies according to the nationality of the applicants. For Dutch students and other EU countries, most tuition is paid for by the government. These students pay around € 2,000 a year to pay the tuition.

For students from other countries, the amount depends on the degree, the type of residence permit and the institution, and is usually between 16,000 and 36,000 euros for students. Contact our experts for more information.

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