Obtaining a German student visa and studying in this country is a great opportunity to study at the best universities in Europe. Tuition at European universities has been available to students outside the EU since 2005, but many German universities still offer free tuition to students around the world.

Many people think that in order to study in Germany you must be fluent in German, but this is not the case, and many German universities and colleges offer courses in English.

Another advantage of obtaining a German student visa is the possibility of studying as a guest at British and American universities. Many people aspire to study at American and British universities, but give up due to the very difficult conditions for obtaining a student visa in both countries.

The German student visa is an exceptional opportunity for these people to experience study at universities in both countries. German students can study in the United Kingdom and the United States for one or two semesters during their studies.

It is possible to study in Germany in various fields. Engineering, medicine, dentistry, art and architecture are offered at all levels at German universities.

Another advantage of a German student visa is that the student has a work permit. Students in this country can work 20 hours a week and cover part of their tuition fees this way. A German student visa will carry a Schengen visa for the student and the student can easily travel to other European countries.

As we have said, studying at many German universities is free and many people from all over the world can study at German universities without any field restrictions. But free education in Germany is only offered in German.

It is not possible to obtain a German student visa without a language certificate. To study in these courses, the applicant must have at least a B1 degree in German and present it to the embassy at the time of obtaining the student visa. Of course, this degree gives you some kind of conditional admission, and you have to provide the university with documents like Testof or B2. To study in English, a student must present an IELTS language certificate with a minimum score of 6 to the embassy.

Age requirements to study in Germany depend on the degree you want to study. The younger the age, the better. The following are the appropriate age requirements for obtaining a German student visa at different times:

The maximum acceptable age for studying at the undergraduate level is 25 years, for the master’s degree the maximum acceptable age is 35 years and for the doctoral level there is no age limit.

  • Visa application form
  • Passport photo
  • Valid passport
  • Identity card and identification documents
  • Financial ability (10236 Euros)
  • University Admission
  • University transcripts
  • Language documents
  • Admission of Supervisor and proposal description (for PhD)
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Travel insurance certificate

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