The general requirements for a Canadian student visa are the same as for a tourist visa. Here are the other conditions for obtaining a student visa:

1. Financial ability: Financial ability to obtain this visa is slightly different. This ability is assessed based on the cost of living in Canada for one year, university and college tuition. The cost of renting a house and your food, the tuition of the training center where you intend to study and the cost of your travel must be equal to the amount of your financial means. If you fail to pay these amounts, unfortunately you will not be granted a student visa.

2. Providing valid admission from school, university and college: All admissions and funding letters you receive from Canadian educational institutions will be inquired by the Canadian Embassy. Obtaining approval and funding requires a valid degree. You will not be issued a student visa if you do not have a valid degree. Note that having an admission or fund does not mean obtaining a visa!

Students who have to study full-time at university have the advantage of being able to work part-time at university. You can also work outside of campus. You can also find a job after graduation.

Ways to Obtain a Canadian Student Visa:

There are two ways to apply for a Canadian student visa.

Online method: submit your application by going to the Canadian Embassy website and filling out the form.
Method 2: Traditionally send the documents to the embassy.

Admission letter from one of the reputable educational centers
The study plan or the Study Plan in which your study plan must be completely accurate.
Define your goals in choosing the country, city, university and field precisely and in detail. This paragraph should be mentioned in the curriculum.
Stylish flight advice: It is better to show the connection of the desired field with your work experience and future work plan. In fact, by writing a study program, you want to prove what your purpose is for studying in Canada. You need to show in the curriculum that you want to be more productive in your field and that you want to work in your own country of study after your studies are over. Mentioning the names of some of the courses you want to take in the course and pointing out what skills you will gain by taking these courses is also very important.
Scan new passport pages
Scan the pages of previous passports
Scanned translated and verified ID
If you are married, add a scan of your partner’s identity card.
A 3.5 by 4.5 photo without hat and glasses. It is optional for women to wear hijab.
Financially Affordable Letter: For this letter you can provide a printout of the 3 or 4 month account and a printout of the one-day account balance for the principal applicant or the person who will support him or her, or both. The letter must be in English and stamped by the bank. No need for translation and confirmation.
The minimum cost in the bank should cover one year of tuition and one year of living expenses of the passenger.
Documents: land, apartment, car
Work experience and insurance: The work experience letter must be related to the field of study.
Visa application form.

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