With many years of experience in obtaining a Swiss tourist visa, Chic Flight Travel Agency will provide the necessary services to your loved ones by minimizing the number of rejected visa visas in Switzerland, with free consultation via contact number or, if possible, in person.

Switzerland is part of the European Union, so you need a Schengen tourist visa to travel to Switzerland.

You usually have to apply for a Swiss tourist visa 6 months in advance to go to Switzerland.

If you do not already have a Schengen, you can apply for this visa with a good travel history. The conditions for obtaining a Swiss visa are as follows:

1. Travel History: Applicants for this visa can apply for this visa by providing a suitable travel history (such as China, Singapore, etc.). The most important condition for obtaining a Swiss Schengen visa is a proper travel history.

2. Account turnover: The account turnover required to obtain this visa is the turnover of the last 3 months. The number of transactions in your account is important, not the inflows and outflows.

3. Financial means: The best financial means for a Swiss visa is 70 to 100 million tomans per person. The certificate of financial viability of the Swiss visa is declared in Euros and must be stamped and signed by the branch manager.

4. Employment and Social Security Certificate: This certificate proves to the visa officer that you are dependent on your country of residence and will return to your home country after completing the trip.

Original passport of the applicant with at least three months validity from the time of travel and two blank pages
Completed and signed Swiss tourist visa application form in English
Two new biometric photos from the last six months (with black and white background)
Original identity card with official translation of a copy of the identity card
Print the time slip of the Swiss Embassy
Letter of financial ability and print quarterly bank account turnover
Hotel reservation and voucher for the applicant’s travel time (proof of accommodation)
Book round trip plane tickets
Work and educational documents such as employment certificate, employment study, printing of insurance records, business license, etc.
Real estate documents and other items justifying the appropriate financial conditions of the applicant for a Swiss tourist visa
International and valid travel insurance
Legal receipts or retirement documents
Provide valid invitations from friends or relatives in Switzerland if possible
Provide a convincing and complete itinerary (cover letter)
Parental consent for applicants under 18 years of age
Original and copy of marriage certificate and copy of spouse’s passport

The process of collecting identity and biometric information, which includes fingerprinting and scanning of the applicant’s image, is performed at the VFS location.

Swiss tourist visa applicants are required to visit the VFS office to apply for a visa, even if they do not need to provide biometric and fingerprint information.

Inappropriate travel history of the applicant
Inability to convince the visa officer of the purpose of the trip
Inability to pay for accommodation in Switzerland
Provide untrue or forged documents
Provide invalid travel insurance

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