Stylish travel agency with years of experience in obtaining a Spanish tourist visa by minimizing the number of rejected visas of this country, with free consultation by contact number or if possible in person, provide the necessary services to your loved ones.

It is very important for the Spanish embassy to act in groups and through a tour, because if a person acts individually, the embassy may think that the person will not return to his country after the visa expires, so it is better to apply through reputable agencies.

Yes, for the Spanish embassy, the documents must be translated into Spanish through the translation agencies approved by the embassy, and a six-month account must be provided, along with previous passports along with all previous visas and entry and exit stamps.

If six months have elapsed since your rejection and you have completed your paperwork, you can reapply.

Adults 80 euros, children 6 to 12 years 40 euros and children under 6 years is free. In addition, you have to pay 16 euros as a commission to the BLS, under no circumstances will any of these amounts be refunded.

After visiting the Spanish fingerprinting center, you will usually receive your visa answer 21 working days later.

1) Retired: Presenting a pension order, pension card, the last three salary slips

2) Physicians: office license or employment order along with the last 3 pay slips from the workplace, permanent medical license, medical system card, if you have a history of social security insurance with the seal of the organization

3) Lawyers: Advocacy license

4) Non-governmental jobs: Karaz employment certificate of the relevant company along with the last three legal slips and social security insurance history with May Rasazman, employment contract

5) Government jobs: Recruitment order or letter from the relevant organization stating the period of employment for the amount of salary received and confirmation of leave, social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, the last three salary slips

6) Self-employed: business license, last tax payment receipt, latest change announcement, letter of introduction from the union

7) Teachers, professors and faculty members of the university: The principle of employment order or employment certificate with the last three legal receipts and social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, personnel card

8) Students: The original and translation letter of employment to study with students may intend to travel in the academic year. In addition, the original and the translation of written consent from the school management stating the date of travel is required.

Notarized consent is required for children under the age of 18 traveling with or with a parent and requires translation into English and approval from the Department of Justice and State.
Copy of caregiver’s job documents to other family members

The presence of all travelers over 12 years of age is required for fingerprinting. The original documents will remain with the agency until the passenger returns.

Encrypted check in the amount of 100 million Tomans per person in the name of the stylish beach flight agency is necessary to guarantee the return of the trip, which will be announced after reviewing the documents and the need for more amounts for the guarantee. It is necessary to inform you if we need more information about the embassy documents.

At the end of the form you can ask all your questions about the Spanish tourist visa. We will type the answers to each of your questions in the shortest possible time.

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