Stylish travel agency with years of experience in obtaining Dutch tourist visas by minimizing the number of rejected visa visas, with free consultation via contact number or if possible in person, provide the necessary services to your loved ones.

After registering with the relevant agency, you will be notified of the required visa documents by experts and your appointment will be requested.

On the appointed day, with all the other required documents provided by the agency, you will be present at the vfs fingerprinting center, and after delivering the documents to the relevant official and receiving the receipt, you will receive the embassy response after 15 working days.

Documents submitted to the Dutch Embassy must be translated into English by the official translation agency. For this embassy, ​​there is no need to get approval from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the stamp of the official translation agency is enough. The required documents for the embassy are as follows:

Complete the Dutch visa application form

Current passport with all previous passports of the applicant

2 pieces of photo 3.5 * 4.5

Recent 3 months account turnover with financial means

Provide employment documents along with social security insurance

Original and translation of all real estate documents

Submit a valid invitation (if any)

Book round trip tickets

Hotel voucher

Original and translation of the applicant’s identity card and national card

Incompleteness of your documents such as job and financial documents and…
Provide forged documents
Embassy uncertainty about your return from travel

Johnson & Johnson
Pfizer and Biontec

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