Stylish flight travel agency with years of experience in obtaining Italian tourist visas by minimizing the number of rejected visa visas of this country, with free consultation by contact number or if possible in person, provide the necessary services to your loved ones.

You can apply for an Italian visa both individually and through a tour. To get the embassy appointment, first go to and be very careful in entering your information, because any mistake in entering the information for 90 days will put you in the black list of the Italian fingerprint center and may If you act through a stylish flight agency, our experts will carefully book the right times for you.

Passport signed with validity up to 6 months after the end date of the tour
3.5 in 4.5 color photo with white background and 80% face up front
English translation Valid job documents depending on the applicant’s job including insurance, letter of introduction, business license, job license, pay slip, employment order, official newspaper
Quarterly circulation of bank account in English and Tamkan letter in Euro
Translation of identity card
Translation of employment certificate

If your visa documents are complete and ready, you can go to the embassy 1 hour to 1 week later. Applying for an immediate Italian visa only speeds up embassy time and makes no difference in the response time.

Adults 80 euros, children 6 to 12 years 40 euros and children under 6 years free. In addition to these amounts, you have to pay 20 Euros as a commission to CKGS, none of which will be refunded under any circumstances.

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