Stylish travel agency with years of experience in obtaining Hungarian tourist visas by minimizing the number of rejected visa visas in this country, with free consultation by contact number or if possible in person, provide the necessary services to your loved ones.

The Hungarian Embassy is one of the embassies that will never accept your tourist visa application without acting through the agency and will definitely offer you group action through the tour if you go to the embassy address located in Darous St., Hedayat Square, Shadlo St. You can ask for a list of agencies approved by the embassy. Fortunately, the stylish beach flight agency is one of the agencies approved by the Hungarian embassy, so never apply for a Hungarian visa alone or through unreliable agencies.

Retired: Presenting a pension order, pension card, the last three salary slips
Physicians: office license or employment order with the last 3 pay slips from the workplace, permanent medical license, medical system card, if you have a history of social security insurance with the seal of the organization
Lawyers: Advocacy license
Non-governmental jobs: Employment certificate of the relevant company with the last three legal receipts and social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, employment contract
Government jobs: Recruitment order or letter from the relevant organization stating the period of employment, position, amount of salary received and leave confirmation, social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, the last three salary slips
Self-employment: business license, last tax payment receipt, latest change announcement, letter of introduction from the union
Teachers, professors and faculty members of the university: the principle of employment order or employment certificate with the last three legal receipts and social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, personal card
Pupils and students: The original and translation of the employment letter, students who intend to travel in the academic year, in addition to the original and the translation of a written consent from the school management with the date of travel is required.

Adults 80 euros, children 6 to 12 years 40 euros and children under 6 years free. In addition, you have to pay 27 Euros as a commission to VFS, none of which will be refunded under any circumstances.

You do not need to go to the embassy individually, but the agency representative will inform you before the trip that after the trip you must submit your original passport and round-trip flight cards to the agency to confirm your return after returning to Iran. The original passport and your flight cards will be delivered to the country of origin by the embassy.

The most common reason for rejecting a Hungarian visa application is to apply individually. This law has been in force since October 1997. But there are other reasons for Hungarian visa rejection:

Individual or family application for a Hungarian visa
Criminal or legal background in the past or present
Provide false or untrue travel history
The Hungarian visa officer is not convinced of your intention to enter the country
Provide invalid travel insurance

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