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Germany is one of the powerful countries in the field of economic activities and is one of the most important destinations for European businessmen and traders in Europe. One of the reasons for traveling to Germany is trade relations with German companies and visiting various exhibitions in Germany.

Exhibitions in the fields of construction, textiles, medicine and pharmacy, as well as numerous tourist attractions that can be visited by tourist travelers intending to travel to Europe, Germany is part of the European Union and a visa is required to enter Schengen is from the German Embassy in Iran.

To obtain a German visa, you must apply through the German Embassy in Tehran.

It should be noted that the response time to the visa response may take between 2 to 4 weeks.

You may have heard many times from different companies that they will refuse you for a fee.

In fact, these claims are not true and there is no such thing as rejection. If the passenger is rejected from the embassies of the EU member states, the passenger will remain in the EU for about 3 to 5 years and there is no need for the passengers to be canceled. Take action. In this regard, you can contact the stylish flight experts.

The German tourist visa is valid only in cases where close relatives living in Germany invite them to visit Germany, and for this purpose, an official invitation stamped with the seal of the relevant city municipality is sent to the applicant in Iran.

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the field of economic and trade activities, therefore, several exhibitions in various fields are held annually in different cities of Germany, and Iranian businessmen and merchants participate in exhibitions according to their jobs.

It should be noted that the applicant’s job must be related to the exhibition, for example, a civil engineer can participate in construction exhibitions and not for a medical exhibition.

Iranian applicants are generally issued a short-term visa type C and a long-term visa type D.

Short-term visas are generally used for exhibition visas and long-term visas. Date A 3-month visa is usually issued.

Dear friends, we suggest that you make sure that your job description is complete and that the job is related to the exhibition when applying for a German visa.

Before applying for an exhibition card, obtain an invitation from the exhibition and book a real hotel.

For a German tourist visa, visit the family. Try to have the invitation from your first-degree relatives and the inviter has sufficient financial means to invite you and also submit your complete documents to the embassy.

Applicant’s job does not match the exhibition (if you are applying for an exhibition tour)
Provide incomplete documents such as hotel, job documents, financial documents and….
Submit an invalid passport
Embassy uncertainty about the return of the passenger to Iran after the expiration date of the visa

We have to tell you that there is no guarantee in the Schengen visa and you should always make sure that the embassy does not approve your visa when applying for the visa and you can increase your chances of getting a visa by submitting the full documents and with the help of trusted embassy agencies.

The stylish beach flight agency first visits the exhibition in Germany to inform various individuals and traders related to the exhibition.

After the decision and registration of the passenger, the passenger documents are checked accurately and thoroughly.

After making sure that the documents are complete and relevant, an interview will be held.

After that, the final hotel will be obtained, the embassy form will be filled in, the exhibition invitation will be received and a prose will be issued.

Due to the fact that the case review process is done technically, it is not possible to add evidence. But they may contact you and ask you to add a new document to the file.

The embassy appointment must be made in your name and then a person on your behalf can apply. For this purpose, the representative must bring all the required documents, passport and power of attorney signed by you on the day of submitting the application.

If you have applied for your Schengen visa within 59 months before the deadline and you have been fingerprinted. There is no need for you to be present in person.

The tourist invitation must be prepared by the municipality and the original must be sent to you along with a copy of the invitation passport. The business invitation must be in German and the name and details of the passport and the purpose of the trip and the duration of your trip and residence must be mentioned in the invitation. In addition, the inviter must bear all travel and accommodation expenses, otherwise the invitation is invalid.

The German visa answer is usually prepared 21 days after your application, but due to the large number of German visa applicants and the number of exhibitions, sometimes it may take two to three months to process your application, so it is best to apply for a German visa six months before travel.

Before registering:
Gather all the necessary documents for your application.
Pay the registration fee to apply for a Schengen visa.
Request your appointment online.
To view your time or cancel, or fill out a support form,
Visit the Visametric branch on the scheduled appointment date.
In the application process:
Certification and fingerprinting is done at the Visametric branch. The documents are sent to the embassy from there.
After submitting the documents:
You can check your request on the website.
Once the process is complete, you can get your passport by presenting your ID card.

The Schengen visa allows travel within the Schengen area for up to 90 days. Under Schengen visa rules, you apply for the Schengen country that will be your first trip or the longest stay in that country. If the main destination is another Schengen area, you must submit your documents to that area.

Visa application form is old or incomplete.
Travel insurance does not coincide with the travel period.
Turnover is written in Latin but the numbers are in Persian.
Provide travel insurance that is not valid in all Schengen countries.
Lack of coordination between ticket and hotel reservation dates and travel insurance with the itinerary.
Provide any document that is not provided by the applicant’s signature.

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