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1. Enter the VFS.GLOBAL website and click the Visa Application button. In the new page that opens for you, after reading the step-by-step guide, start applying for your visa.

2. First of all, you need to create an account and answer the questions in that form accurately.

3. In the next step, you must complete the required documents and make an appointment at the visa application center for fingerprints and photos. After the final registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your appointment letter. Note that each person must apply individually.

4. You must pay the service fee in cash and in euros at the visa application center.

5. Submit your application in person to the Visa Application Center.

6. To follow the visa application, enter the FRANCE-Visas website and follow the fourth step. This follow-up is done using the file number. File number: The receipt issued in the visa application center contains the file number.

7. After receiving the passport from the French Embassy, ​​the visa application center will send it to you by post.

All documents need to be translated into English. None of the documents need the approval of the judiciary and the State.

You are comfortable with this, that you do not have to go to the judiciary and foreign affairs. Do not worry about translating documents. On the day you go for fingerprinting, you can leave the work to them by paying the translation costs.

1. Retired: Submitting a retirement order, pension card, the last three paychecks.

2. Physicians: office license or employment order along with the last 3 pay slips from the workplace, permanent medical license, medical system card, if you have a history of social security insurance with the seal of the organization.

3. Lawyers: Advocacy license.

4. Non-governmental jobs: Employment certificate from the relevant company along with the last three legal receipts and social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, employment contract.

5. Government jobs: Recruitment order or letter from the relevant organization stating the period of employment, the amount of salary received and leave confirmation, social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, the last three salary slips.

6. Self-employment: business license, last tax payment receipt, latest change announcement, letter of introduction from the union.

7. Teachers, professors and faculty members of the university: the principle of employment order or employment certificate along with the last three legal receipts and social security insurance history with the seal of the organization, personnel card.

8. Students: The original and translation of the letter of employment for students who intend to travel in the academic year. In addition, the original and translation of the written consent of the school management with the date of travel is required.

The original passport must be signed and must be valid for 6 months from the return of the tour.
2 pieces of photos with dimensions of 3.5 by 4.5

Photo conditions: color, full face, white background, no smile, glasses and hat, completely from the front, round face is completely clear and 70 to 80% of the photo is a person’s face. The photo must be from the last 6 months and is different from the photos of the current and previous passports.

Original and translation of all pages of the applicant’s identity card and any person traveling with him.
Original bank account certificate with bank stamp and signature that must be translated into English.

Explanation: At most one week before the date of delivery of documents to the embassy, ​​you must prepare a bank account certificate and the size of the bank print must be A4. In the case of current accounts and bank deposits, you should consider the following:

A) Current accounts: Operation of the last 3 months in English

B) Certificate of ability for bank deposits with quarterly interest account turnover in English by the bank with the seal of the branch and the signature of the bank. The minimum balance for each person should be 200 million tomans.

Original translation of job documents
Original and translation of ownership document
Notarized consent is required for children under the age of 18 traveling without or with a parent, and requires translation into English and certification from the Department of Justice and State.
Copy of caregiver’s job documents to other family members

France is located in Western Europe and is the second largest country in Europe with a genuine culture. The main language of this country is French. The country is a member of the European Union and entry requires a Schengen visa. Here we review the types of visas issued by France.

There are different types of visas for France depending on your plans for your trip to France. The types of visas issued by France include tourist, study, work or transit visas.

French Tourist Visa: After making an appointment at the embassy, ​​you must go to the embassy to submit your documents and fingerprints. You will not have any interviews with the visa officers of this country. To obtain a tourist visa in this country, you must apply 1 to 3 months before the date of travel. The answer to this visa will be announced to you 21 working days later.

French Student Visa: To apply for and obtain this visa you must be over 18 years old. You must also pre-select your course and submit a letter of acceptance from a higher education institution. Submission of documents and steps for obtaining a French student visa is done online. Get to know the best universities in France.

French work visa: This visa is divided into 2 categories according to the duration, more than 90 days (long-term) and less than 90 days (short-term). To obtain this visa, you must have an invitation from an employer, company or institution. You will not be issued a work visa without an invitation.

French Transit Visa: This visa is a type of short-stay visa for people who wish to stay temporarily in the international area of ​​the French airport. You are not allowed to enter France and its cities with this visa.

The invitation can be from first-degree relatives, acquaintances, friends and even the company or institution. If you have applied for a French visa, know that the invitation does not cover the shortcomings of your documents and all your French visa documents must be complete in advance.

French visa with kinship invitation: As the name implies, this is related to family circumstances. Priority in this visa belongs to parents, siblings, grandparents.

French visa with study invitation: This type of invitation is issued by the university to the applicant for the purpose of study, given that the applicant has the necessary conditions to study in France. In such cases, the visa issuer will correspond to proceed with the admission process legally.

French Visa with Business Invitation: This invitation is issued for business and investment trips, attending conferences and seminars. It is very difficult to get a visa without an invitation if you are planning a special business trip.

French visa with marriage invitation: If a person marries a French person, it is necessary to send an invitation to a non-French person. The documents required to apply for this type of invitation are as follows:

Complete the invitation form
Create a new color photo with a white background
Valid passport
Schengen visas
Check the marriage certificate of the place of marriage
Copy of French national card or biometric passport
Documents of financial capability of the French index
Work documents for employed people
Print Bank
Documents related to the residence of the French person
Original invitations
International insurance for possible problems and diseases
Plane ticket reservation documents

French visa with exhibition invitation: This invitation is issued to people who intend to participate in an international exhibition. Now, this exhibition can be educational or entertaining. This group includes several categories:

The first group are those who have rented the booth, and the main intention of these people is to study the ideas and products that are visible to visitors.
The second group are those who have education on exhibition topics and are provided with a kind of project opportunity
The third category is people who want to grow their business.
The fourth category is people who go shopping.

Embassy entrance fee per person:

Adults: 85 Euros
6- 12 years: 50 Euros
0- 6 years: 15 euros

The presence of all travelers over 12 years of age is required for fingerprinting. The original documents will remain with the agency until the passenger returns.

Encrypted checks in the amount of up to 200 million Tomans per person in the face of a stylish beach flight airline agency are necessary to guarantee a return from the trip. Which will be announced after reviewing the documents and the need for more or less amounts for the guarantee. It should be noted that we will inform you if you need more documents.

We are with the traveler when he comes to the beach flight style until he returns from the trip. The traveler is introduced to the visa guide and we will give free advice to the traveler and solve all the traveler’s questions about travel and visa, and then by announcing the travel rate and the country of the traveler, the traveler decides to travel, we We receive the documents from the passenger and it is no longer necessary for the passenger to be in the process, until the embassy announces that he has to go to the brokerage for fingerprinting the passenger. Here the traveler goes to the agency for fingerprinting and after two working weeks the visa will be delivered to the traveler.

Due to the high costs you have to pay to obtain a French tourist visa during the work process and also due to the long time you have to wait to receive the visa. It is a requirement that you apply to a qualified French visa institution to avoid visa rejection. We have been proud to be directly involved in obtaining a French tourist visa for 14 years. We will accompany you to the end of the flight with a free consultation.

It usually takes 2 working weeks to get your French tourist visa ready when you go to the VFS offices for fingerprinting. None of the staff at the Visa Application Center has a role in confirming or denying your visa. Instead, your case will be sent to the embassy and a decision will be made there.

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Do not worry about this, visa experts will guess the cause very quickly if they encounter a visa rejection and will make the best decision for the applicant. If necessary, they will send the protest to the French embassy and will review and review the case from the beginning.

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