Austria is a member of the European Union and you need a Schengen visa to enter the country. Our expert team in flight style will do this for you professionally.

To go to Austria you must have an Austrian visa, the maximum time that each Iranian can stay in Austria is 90 days for each half year.

You do not need to go to the embassy to apply for an Austrian visa, you will need to contact the embassy by email.

Register your request in the embassy email, then wait for the news from the embassy.

Of course, you should know that these applications will be registered and processed in the VFS offices, and in special cases, the embassy will intervene.

Austrian type A visa

A transit visa, or Type A visa, is for those travelers who have to wait at the airport to change lanes.

Of course, it should be noted that a transit or airport visa allows the passenger to travel at the airport and not beyond. You will not be free to leave the airport.

Austrian type B visa

Type B visa is a transit visa, with the difference that it is issued for 5 days and you have the option to leave the airport and the visa will be canceled after 5 days.

Austrian type C visa

This visa is the same as the Austrian tourist visa, which is usually valid for a maximum of 15 days. All travelers traveling to Austria on a tour must have a Type C visa.

Austrian type D visa

This visa is a multi-type visa and is issued for 90 days in a period of six months.

The documents required for an Austrian visa are the same in the above 4 types and only the process will be different.

First decide which visa you want.

10 years of stylish flight experience have shown us that travelers should have a visa consultant with them.

So this is a warning, the Austrian visa is sensitive and risky, the rejection of the Austrian visa will make your trip to the Schengen area and other parts of the world difficult for years.

The procedure for obtaining an Austrian visa in an embassy-approved agency is that from the beginning of work until the visa stamp is in the passenger’s passport, a visa specialist does all the work for the traveler, and the traveler must be referred to a brokerage for fingerprinting. Visit by the embassy and that’s it !!!

But if one wants to apply for a Schengen visa independently, one has to go through more and more difficult steps, which of course will have a higher rejection rate for these travelers.

Original signed passport with at least six months validity from the time of tour return
Two 3.5 by 4.5 color photographs, full face, white background, completely front without smile, without glasses, round face is clearly defined and 70 to 80% of a person’s face, and up to a maximum of six months (photo provided with passport and previous visas Is not one.)
Original and translation of all pages of the identity card of the applicant and his / her companions
Original bank account certificate with bank stamp and signature in English only (the time of issuance of bank account certificate is one week before the date of delivery of documents to the embassy and the size of the bank print is A4).

A) Current accounts: Operation of the last six months in English

B) Certificate of ability in English for bank deposits with six months interest account turnover in English by the bank with the branch seal and bank signature The minimum account balance or deposit for each person must be 70 million Tomans.

Original and translation of ownership document
Original and translation of job documents
Notarized consent is required for children under the age of 18 who travel unaccompanied or accompanied by a parent. Requires translation into English with the approval of the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs.
Copy of caregiver’s job documents to other family members.

Interview time: None
Visa pickup required: None
It is possible to object to the rejection of the Austrian visa
Austrian visa preparation period: between 7 and 14 working days
Fingerprinting location: Embassy approved offices
Do not calculate
For an Austrian visa you need to translate the documents into English.

To obtain an Austrian visa, complete all the documents and send the Austrian visa application to the embassy by e-mail, or leave the Austrian visa procedure to the Austrian visa guides by visiting the flight style.

If you have not been able to obtain an Austrian visa, then where do you go with a rejection in hand?

In this case, you should email the letter of objection to the rejection to the embassy, they will inform you the reason for rejection, you may have been rejected due to defective documents or irregular file, other important reasons, lack of transparent financial account and circulation It is doubtful that previous passages in the passport, failure to provide documents to convince the case officer that you will return home, and even more detailed reasons will lead to the rejection of the Austrian visa.

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