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According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, the responsibility of cancellation, delay or haste during the flight is the responsibility of the relevant airline.
When registering and booking a ticket, the passenger’s name must be entered correctly in English letters. It is not possible to correct the passenger’s name after the final purchase of the ticket, and Taha Gasht has no responsibility for the information that was entered incorrectly, and to correct the information, the passenger must cancel and repurchase the ticket.
The purchased ticket belongs to the passenger whose details have been entered in the system and is non-transferable. If the passenger’s name does not match on the ticket and ID card, the passenger will not be accepted.
Under national aviation rules, infant passengers are between ten days and two years old, child passengers are between two and twelve years old, and adult passengers are over twelve years old. If the buyer is not careful and enters the wrong age group, the passenger will be prevented from boarding the plane.

Children’s tickets can in no way be purchased separately from adult tickets
It should be noted that in the approved rate tickets, the ticket price is different for infant, child and adult passengers, but in the case of charter and non-refundable tickets, the price of the child ticket is the same as for the adult.
After payment and confirmation, booking and purchase are finalized and ticket information is emailed to the user. When arriving at the airport, on charter flights, a printed copy of the ticket must be provided, and on scheduled flights, a ticket number with a valid identification document must be provided to the relevant airline counter.
Any type of ticket cancellation by the passenger is subject to a cancellation penalty in accordance with national aviation rules. The amount of the fine varies according to the cancellation rules of each airline. Upon request for refund by the passenger, the amount of the fine will be deducted from the ticket price and the rest of the money will be returned to the passenger’s account online. Refund time is subject to interbank regulations (between 24 and 72 hours). This is not the case with charter or non-refundable flights.
Cancellation or delay of more than two hours of the flight does not include a cancellation penalty. In this case, the traveler fills out the online refund request form without penalty.
In case of flight cancellation or delay of more than three hours, which causes the passenger to cancel the flight, a ticket or receipt stamped by the station of origin is required for any follow-up and refund without penalty.
The type of aircraft is determined by the airlines and charterers on the ticket. Any discrepancies or changes in the type of aircraft are the responsibility of the airline and the flight attendant is not responsible for this.
If the passenger wants to buy a ticket for two consecutive flights, there must be at least 3 hours between the arrival of the first flight to the destination and the departure of the second flight. Otherwise, the passenger is responsible for canceling the second ticket.
It should be noted that if the return flight is from two different airlines, if the flight is canceled or the passenger cancels the flight due to a delay of more than two hours, the cancellation of the return flight may include a cancellation penalty.
The buyer does not have the right to change the ticket price, tamper with the provisions of the ticket in any way and in any form, or resell the ticket at a price higher than the amount mentioned.
According to the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority, carrying a doctor’s license for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, epilepsy, severe anemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, those on dialysis or those taking immunosuppressive drugs, and Or any illness that prevents air travel is essential when boarding a plane. It is also necessary for these travelers to bring the medicines they need during the trip.
Passengers must be present at the airport at least one hour before the flight time.

According to the decision of the National Corona Headquarters regarding domestic flights, if you had a positive corona test in the period of fourteen days before your flight date, you need to submit a negative test to board the plane, as well as use a mask at all airports in the country and inside. Aircraft is required.

Negative corona test (pcr) is required for all foreign flights (arrival and departure from Iran)

After final confirmation and payment, all costs of date change and cancellation are the responsibility of the passenger according to the flight rules. Please read the flight rules before approving.
Since the reception of passengers at the airport is possible only by presenting a passport, so the buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered (name and surname, passport number, validity date, etc.).
An infant passenger is less than two years old, a child passenger is between two and twelve years old and an adult passenger is more than 12 years old.
In case of any mistake in entering the age category, it will be the responsibility of the buyer.

It is not possible to make an online reservation to submit to the embassy, ​​please contact our colleagues at the agency if needed. Otherwise, a cancellation penalty will be imposed.
In order not to miss the flight, pay attention to the distance of the airport and the entry and exit terminals.
Passengers of foreign flights must be present at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight.
A flight permit from Homa Aviation Medical Center is required in the following cases:
For pregnant women (over 28 weeks), people with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, epilepsy, anemia and diabetes, patients taking immunosuppressive drugs, dialysis patients and travelers who need to travel Have the help of another person or any other circumstances that cause a ban on air travel.

One-way flight is only possible if you meet one of the following conditions:
Permanent or temporary residence in the destination country
Long-term visa with expiration date of more than one year (eg student visa and…)
Have a continuation ticket
In the case of two-way tickets, note that if you do not use the one-way flight, the return flight will be canceled automatically and you will not be able to use it.
If you request a change of date, at least 48 hours before (during business hours) of the flight, email your request to the site support.
To leave Iran for any destination, a passenger passport must be valid for at least 7 months from the date of departure.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to know the visa rules (including transit visa and destination visa). If you do not know the visa rules before buying, be sure to consult with our experts.
Having a visa-free country means that travelers do not need a visa to stay in that country; But sometimes you need one or more visas to fly to a country without a visa. To fly to some countries in the Americas and Oceania, you have to pass through several countries and stop there, which is not possible without a visa for these countries. Therefore, traveling to visa-free countries for Iranians does not always mean that you do not need a visa and hassle-free travel, and you should definitely research about traveling to your destination country in advance.
If you have not yet received your visa from the embassy, ​​inform our experts in stylish flight support up to 10 days before the flight time to include your ticket in the ticket; Because if the visa is not prepared by the embassy, ​​the flight attendant is not responsible for the purchased ticket and this ticket is subject to cancellation rules. Before purchasing a foreign plane ticket in a visa-requiring country, consider the visa start date, the visa expiration date, and the maximum possible time for stay specified by the visa embassy. Any problems arising from the above are the responsibility of the passenger.
Entry to most countries requires a visa. Before buying a ticket, check the visa conditions of the destination country and the countries of transit (countries where you are staying at the airport) و and if you do not find enough information, contact the stylish flight support. Note that transit in most countries, including Asian, European and American countries, is up to 8 hours normal and acceptable by different airlines, otherwise for more information on the need or not need a transit visa with support Please call
In case of transit in two European countries (under Schengen) and more, you will need a Schengen visa.
With a Schengen tourist visa, entry must be from the same country from which you obtained the tourist visa.
If you have a one-time Schengen visa, you are not allowed to leave the Schengen area and re-enter.
South American cities require a Schengen 2-entry or multi-entry visa if they have one transit and one return, and a Schengen multi-entry visa if they have 2 transit departures and 2 return transits.
According to the existing rules for holders of Iranian passports, with the exception of those who have a residence permit or a student visa for the destinations of Arjan and Belgrade, if the one-way ticket is purchased, the airline will be prevented from flying.

If you choose to fly with China Southern Airlines, you need a Chinese visa, be sure to contact the site support before purchasing.
Passengers planning to travel to Asian and Middle Eastern countries will not be able to fly with airlines transiting through Europe. (Like Tehran Istanbul with Aegean Airlines and stop in Athens)
Airline flights from Erasia, Pegasus and Air Arabia do not have cargo and catering.
Passengers intending to travel to European Schengen countries cannot book a ticket with British Airways in transit in London.
Emirates Airlines has a stopover for flights to New Zealand (Auckland) in Brisbane, Australia, which requires an Australian transit visa, otherwise $ 75 will be charged or deported.
The amount of Aegean air cargo on the routes starting from Tehran or ending in Tehran is equal to 30 kg per pack (pc) and on domestic routes in Europe, each pack is 23 kg.
Oman Air’s cargo load per pack (PC) is equal to 15 kg and if it was 2 packages, the total load should not exceed 30 kg.
Belarus-Kazakhstan flights with Airflot require a Russian visa. If the ticket is one-way, one-way visa is required, and if it is two-way, a two-entry visa is required.
If you buy a ticket from Ukrainian Airlines, at the entrance routes to Tehran, the online flight check must be done by the passenger himself and 48 hours before the flight. Otherwise, the passenger check at the airport of origin will be subject to payment.
If you choose to fly over 24 hours with Airflot, you will need a transit visa.
In Iran Air and Airflot, on the route Tehran – Moscow and Moscow – Tehran and flight numbers 5130 and 5120, the permissible load of economy class is 23 kg and business class is 32 kg.

Iranian travelers to Canada are not allowed to transit in the United States unless they obtain a separate visa.
Passengers intending to travel to the United States and Canada, if they have two stops in the United States and Canada, the first stop in the United States and Canada will be delivered and passengers will have to deliver their own cargo to the next airline.
On US and Canadian routes, as soon as you arrive in your first city due to visa checks (immigration) that travelers must complete, their transit time must be at least 3 hours until the next flight.
To fly to New Zealand (Auckland) an Australian Air Visa is required. Please check the visa requirements before purchasing a ticket.
To fly to Quito (South America) with any airline, you need a transit visa for that airline.
Only passengers intending to fly to the United States and Canada can fly with British Airways.
Travelers with a Canadian PR card will also need a Schengen visa if they transit in two European countries (under Schengen) and more.

All registered reservations are the responsibility of Chic Flight and Chic Flight ensures that by completing the purchase process and receiving the accommodation letter (voucher), you can be easily accepted in the hotel or accommodation and benefit from the hotel facilities. In rare cases you may encounter problems for various reasons such as problems reported by the hotel such as breakdowns and natural disasters, human errors as well as security issues such as the arrival of high-ranking officials, registered bookings, in such stylish cases the flight does its best. To consider a hotel or accommodation similar to the current booked unit for its travelers, and in case of failure to satisfy the customer, to return the amount in full and to assign a special point for his future booking.
Information on hotels and accommodation centers provided in Chic Flight, is obtained directly from official sources (hotels, accommodation centers, etc.). Due to the periodic changes of this information, it is the responsibility of the same sources to confirm their accuracy. Chic Flight strives to update these changes in the shortest possible time.
The evacuation time of hotel rooms is in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the destination and the passenger is obliged to comply with it.
Note: In case of delivery of the room earlier than scheduled by the passenger, no amount will be refunded to the passenger.

Upon arrival and arrival at the hotel, if you leave the hotel earlier than the time recorded in the hotel voucher, no fee will be refunded to the traveler for not using it.
Reception time at the hotel is 14:00. If you arrive at the hotel after this time, for any reason, the passenger is obliged to inform the stylish flight support before the mentioned time so that this issue is immediately reported to the hotel. Otherwise, the hotel may consider the passenger reservation (Noshow) canceled and cancel the reservation, in which case the subsequent damages will be applied according to the cancellation conditions and in this regard, Shaik Parvaz will not be responsible.
Due to the variety of rooms available in hotels, booking 3-bed rooms includes a double room with extra bed (Extra bed) and also the size of the rooms and the choice of room floor depends entirely on the availability of hotel capacity upon arrival Also, when choosing a room for three people, all travelers need a bed, be sure to choose a triple room.
According to the rules of most hotels, a child over 4 or 5 years old stays with a parent in a room with an extra bed (Extra Bed). Also, if a child needs a bed at any age when buying, the child must choose an adult and Please note that the selected room type has the total capacity of the number of people accompanying the passenger in a room. Therefore, if this issue is not observed at the time of arrival at the hotel, the cost of extra people will be received by the hotel from the passengers and no responsibility will be incurred in this regard.
It is not possible to change or modify the name or details of the passenger after the final purchase of the hotel. To correct the information, the hotel must be canceled and repurchased. Therefore, providing the correct personal information, such as name and surname according to the passport, nationality of the passenger, number of passengers, exact age and. Is the responsibility of the passenger.
The purchased hotel belongs to a traveler who enters his details in the system and is non-transferable. If the passenger’s name does not match in the Passport Hotel voucher, the passenger will not be accepted.
The selected hotel may be refilled during the hotel purchase and payment process, if this happens after deducting the amount from your account, the hotel amount will be added to your credit and you can buy the hotel again. Deduction from your account does not constitute a definite receipt of the hotel and in case of cancellation of the purchase, the amount will be refunded to the same account through which the purchase was made.
Canceling a hotel voucher through the stylish flight website may result in a cancellation fee. The amount of this fine is different according to the consular rules of each hotel and the site provider, and the amount of the fine has been notified to the passenger during the purchase of the hotel. The amount of the fine will be deducted from the price of the hotel and the rest of the amount will be refunded to the passenger’s account.
In case of non-acceptance of the hotel for any reason (other than the mentioned cases), the passenger should contact the stylish flight support unit at 22223000-021 to solve the problem in the shortest time or if the passenger is not accepted by the selected hotel, the hotel is suitable Another to be replaced with the same conditions for the passenger.
Hotel reservation only includes room reservation for the number of people and nights requested, and does not include items such as airport transportation, intercity transportation, guides, flooring, parking or car rental, etc., as well as a mini bar and Safe deposit box in most hotels includes additional costs that are borne by the traveler and in case of damage to the hotel by the traveler, all damages will be received from the traveler.
Note: It is the responsibility of the traveler to pay other fees and charges that the country and the destination hotel collect from the tourist as a tax (City Tax, Tourist Tax). they receive.

In the case of domestic hotels, authentication with a national card or identity card and verification of confidentiality conditions is only the presence of the couple’s name in the identity card of the spouse. Accommodations prevent travelers from entering the rooms if the conditions of privacy are not met and comply with consular rules.
By confirming the hotel reservation, the traveler agrees with the rules and regulations related to the selected hotel as well as the rules related to the termination of the reservation, because the termination of a contract may be subject to a penalty, therefore it is recommended to respectable travelers before finalizing Hotel and shopping Read the voucher rules and regulations thoroughly. In online contracts, according to the law of electronic commerce, the passenger’s signature is done online.
Electronic signature: Electronic signature is any type of mark attached or logically attached to the message data that is used to identify the signer of the message data.